Friday, December 24, 2010

Tinsel on the Rug

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: How did the Three Wise Men bringing gifts to Baby Jesus turn into us giving each other iPods, gift certificates to Victoria's Secret and what not?

Christmas In A Box! Richie's wonderful cousin John, of Staten Island, sent one to us -- a tree ornament, two Pez dispensers - a snowman and a Santa; a tiny sculpture of a deer nibbling the carrot nose of a snowman; a little train engine pulling an Elsbridge Flour vat; a package of marshmallow Santa heads; a Grumpy Party Pooper - it looks like a dog and it poops jelly beans! and lastly, a beautiful little Christmas tree made of twirled red and white candy canes! And as if that wasn't enough, DVDs of old Christmas favorites! John, you da man!

And Nobody Cared - I wore my double strand of flashing Christmas lights necklace to the gym this morning and not one person seemed to notice it. At the jazz club, four different ladies asked about it. Guess that's the difference between music enthusiasts and gym thugs (haughty sniff.)

Good News! Pilsbury crescent rolls now come in a flat sheet of the dough. No dotted lines to tear, so you can easily make, say, pigs in blankets without have to twist/stretch the dough. How cool is that?

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