Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Against!

Periodically, outrage boils within me and I give my thoughts on some popular cultural customs (which, quite naturally, I hate.)

Today's discussion includes female showbiz types who are what used to be called "bottle blondes." After having gone platinum on a whim, I discovered how expensive it is -- dye job every six weeks; special (expensive) shampoos and conditioners.

But: take a look at Madonna. Forbes estimates her wealth at $325.5 million, but in every recent photo, she's got a reverse skunk stripe down her blonde part. She's not alone - there were three more today alone in "Page Six." Tara Reid, actress; Reese Witherspoon, actress; and Lizzie Grubman, PR.

What is wrong with this picture, moralists of a certain age have to ask: "Nathalie Portman - Engaged and Pregnant!"

Expressions (cont'd)
We saw the movie "The Full Monty" and I wondered what it meant. No one seemed to know. I could only think of Field Marshall Montgomery who wore all of his ribbons/medals every day -- in war, no less!

Today I looked it up. Back in 1904 there was a tailor named Sir Montague Burton in Sheffield, England, who made suits. Customers would come in and order "the full Monty" meaning pants, jacket and waistcoat perhaps for a wedding or similar occasion. By 1906, he was doing a roaring business.

"Going commando" means "not wearing underpants." But ... where did the commandos come into it? The term may refer to an earlier custom in the Scots' armies where the men "went regimental" underneath their kilts.

Amusingly enough, in Chile the custom is referred to as "andar a lo gringo" - "To go gringo style"! C'mon, Chileans -- look to Scotland, not America!

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