Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Sister Pulls A Fast One...

I have to hand it to her, she was so clever about it that I never suspected what she was really up to ... Here's what she did.

They live in Illinois, we're here in Southern California. Three days before Christmas, she e's to ask what we're doing for dinner Christmas Eve? I e back and tell her, "Bluewater Grill, Redondo" adding that it's become kind of a tradition to eat that meal near the marina so we can see the lit boats. She e'd that she googled the place and lucky us! And I e her back, "Good thing you mentioned it; I've got to call them for reservations!"

At the restaurant, we're given a primo table with a good view of the marina, but we count only three lit boat. "Ah, recession," we think. Richie enjoys his fish, my shrimp are good. Our server comes to the table and says, "What about dessert?" but we both say, "No! Thanks though!"

She says she'll be right back with the bill and sashays off.

When she returns, she walks right up to my side of the table, stares at me and says, "Are you Neena Murphy?" Startled at this, I said I was and didn't bother to correct her pronunciation of "Nina."

She leans back, grins hugely and says, "Your sister, Jane, paid your tab! You don't owe anything!" Richie and I gasp as one and our jaws hit the table top. "How the hell..." we splutter.

Jane cut a deal with the manager by e-mail and phone! How sly was that? I was on the phone to her as I cleared the resto door and she answered on the first ring. "How the hell did you do that?" I bawled.

She was giggling so hard she had trouble replying, "For once, little sis put one over on big sis!" she crowed. Damned if she didn't!

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