Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 5: Rain

Beach people apparently take exercise seriously. In our gym's garage this morning, there was a steady stream of cars looking for parking spots. I counted 12 on the way out of there. I also have noticed that when both sound systems are on and the treadmills in full throttle, the gym sounds like a Vegas casino!

It began to rain Friday so we prudently stayed in over the weekend. But on Monday -- in full storm -- we decided to go out because clearly between the two of us we don't have one working brain. We had to get my cousin down in South Texas a birthday card. That accomplished, we set off on a tour, meandering down past the beach, up to the RB Pier and marveling at the depth of the puddles on the road sides and in parking lots. The sewers weren't able to accomodate the onrush of water.

If you follow the news and are concerned about mudslides, don't be. Only a small portion of LA County has homes isolated enough to have one; the rest of us pretty much live in a concrete world.

I looked up winter solstice (wikipedia.com) in the faint hope that it might include some kind of festivities involving over use of alcohol, but the only festivities occurred back in the Middle Ages and for this reason: cattled were killed and eaten because they required food in the winter and there wasn't any. Beer and Wine had finally fermented so they got drunk. And then people starved until around April. No thank you.

As far as noticing that the day is shorter, it's doubtful that we will. The skies are overcast, the rain is poundng down and we had to turn on the living room/kitchen lights at 2 p.m. yesterday.
And so it goes...

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