Monday, November 8, 2010

(signed) Outraged Subscriber

It must have been a very slow news day because the Daily Breeze in its infinite wisdom plastered a huge photo of a woman walking barefoot across a wooden floor, shoes carefully held in her right hand as she peered at the camera through midnight black sunglasses. The photo and the headline "House With a $12 Million View" were above the fold.

As was the subhead, "Trump seeks buyer for lavish estate in RPV, where he's ever controversial."

Back story for non-locals: Trump has been at war with the city of Rancho Palos Verdes since 2002 when he bought the 261-acre site for $27 million. He put in a golf course; the 18th hole fell into the ocean. He put up a 70 ft. tall flagpole with an American flag (had he put up the Trump logo, he would have been promptly stoned to death) of commensurate size to the howls of outrage from residents above and overlooking the property.

Trump said, "I built the number one-rated golf course in the state of California and instead of saying, 'Thank you very much,' all they do is impede me." He called city representatives "nasty and incompetent."

In today's paper, he said, "Locationally, it's fabulous." Locationally? What language is Ego Central aka Donald Trump speaking?

Linda D'Ambrosi, saleswoman for the property, referring to a rumor that Trump lived there and was moving out: (It's) "one of the estates in Mr. Trump's personal collection." (Ed. note: Well, la-ti-dah)

What does your $12 million get you? The view, five bedrooms, an infinity pool flanked by two fire pits, inlaid marble floors, a full bar, a "huge" wine cellar and nine (9) bathrooms.

"It's a very special home for someone like Mr. Trump. It's a life style -- Palos Verdes," smirked D'Ambrosi.

If the Daily Breeze was trying to roil up the outrage at Mr. Trump and his various doings, this was not the way to do it. I'm outraged, all right, but at a more-or-less respectable local newspaper running a real estate ad disguised as "news" on the front page!

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