Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Experiment

Recently I read that the best way to re-heat a slice of pizza is to put it into a dry skillet and put the skillet over a medium fire. Reasoning? The crust will stay crisp. We had three slices of plain cheese pizza left. Time to slip into my lab coat and get to work.

I heated one in the microwave (one minute; medium) and it was soggy.

I put one slice in the toaster oven and set it on convection mode at 300 for about three minutes. Crust was crisp; top was pliable.

I put the last slice in a dry skillet and heated it slowly. Very slowly because you have to press down with a spatula to get all of the crust uniformly across the skillet surface. The crust stayed crisp and the top started bubbling.

Conclusion: if you're dying of hunger, nuke it. If you want "same as" the night before, put the slice directly on the wire rack in the toaster oven and do that. Having eaten three full slices, I had to go sit down, but I did it happily -- anything for my readers!

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