Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's a Numbers Game

Day before yesterday, I listed the cities in our area that are called the 53rd Assembly District along with total population (423,395,) people old enough to vote (340,064) and registered voters (256,619) because after an election, I'm always curious to see just how many people got up off their arse and wended their pensive way into a voting booth.

Voter apathy is such out here, that some years we have hated to interrupt the poll workers at their bridge game or knitting to give us ballots, but Tuesday's vote seemed lively. The parking lot was nearly full; there were a lot of people voting when we were there and poll workers reported a good turnout.

Today the LA Times printed the statistics that interest me:
53rd Assembly District
117,902 did vote (46%)
138,717 pulled a Meg Whitman and stayed home (54%)

Disappointing, of course, but bad as this is, it was still a major improvement.

More pointedly, Redondo Beach (pop. 60,000 +/-) had to vote aye or nay on a local issue and a lusty number of us did -- 19,236 total votes.
Measure G garnered 10,075 votes 'Yes" and 9,161 votes "No."

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