Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Gift That (Presumably) Keeps on Giving

Yesterday's mail brought a catalog from an outfit called Heifer International, which modestly bills itself as "The most important gift catalog in the world."

The idea is that your donation pays for in part or in full a live animal (sheep, goat, cow, llama, honeybees, rabbits) to be given to an impoverished farmer who, after building the new animal a proper home and learning about its care, then receives that live animal. When that animal gives birth, the farmer must give one of the off-spring to a fellow farmer/villager.

Here is a partial price list for your consideration:
Gift of a goat or a pig or a sheep $120 Share of a goat, pig or a sheep $10
Trio of rabbits $60 share of rabbits $10
Flock of chicks $20
Gift of honeybees $30
Gift of a llama $150 share $25
Gift of a water buffalo $250 share $25

Countries listed as recipients include: Armenia, Arizona, Tanzania, Uganda, Thailand, Arkansas, Albania, El Savador, Kenya, Ghana, Guatemala, Ecuador, Georgia, China and Peru.

Learn all about it at This is not an endorsement of the program or the people who run the program, by the way.

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