Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lunacy In Florida
A truck dealership is offering a voucher worth $400 for the purchase of an AK-47 if you buy a truck from the dealership. This offer was annunced to celebrate Veteran's Day! A critic of this plan said it might make more sense to give buyers a free flag and a pole to fly it for their front yard.

I think it's a terrible idea to give people AK-47s for this reason: the median age for Floridians has to be something like 102 years old. You really want to give a 102 year old a gun? Have you seen the way they drive in Florida!? They don't need guns!

Aw, Coo -- Prince William has finally proposed to his girlfriend. Certainly it was touching when he told the cameras that the reason he gave his fiancee his Mother's old ring was so that she would be a part of this event. (Aw...) However, given the fact they've been a couple for the past nine years and that she lives in his North Wales cottage...can't be many surprises on the old wedding night, eh?

The Dentist
I saw mine yesterday. He has an unusual way to administer the shots that numb your gums. He grabbed me by the cheek -- oh, very well -- by my sizeable wattles -- and began vigorously shaking my head! My eyeballs rattled around in my head like marbles in an empty Crisco can. I can promise you I never noticed the needle sticks. I remember thinking, "Man I'm so glad he's not my grandfather! Grandpa's coming - run like the wind!"

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