Thursday, June 17, 2010

Will Rogers, A Man of the People

These are views shot yesterday at the Will Rogers Museum and Polo Field. The grounds are located off of west Sunset, in Pacific Palisades. There is no admission other than the $12 per car parking cost. Seniors pay $11.
In reading his information, I was startled to find that he'd once worked with Texas Jack's Wild West Circus, Texas Jack being an extremely distant relation of mine.
Rogers began his notable career as a trick roper, and then noticing that audiences reacted very favorably to his repartee, over time, he lost the horse and the roping in his act and simply appeared on stage, twirling a short rope. His witticisms have been widely published and quoted; too many for this space.
Today, polo is still played on his field - weekends mostly -- and it is extremely enjoyable to pack a picnic lunch of tiny cucumber sandwiches, cheese and pate and crackers and a thermos or two of Pimm's Cup and watch the games. Gentlemen: Dockers and polo shirt inside your pants; boat shoes, no socks; Ladies: filmy, flowery frou frous and a big hat.

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