Friday, June 18, 2010

Psychic or Wacko? You Decide

"Psychic, My Life in Two Worlds" by Sylvia Browne Harper One 242 pages $25.99

Browne is a NY Times bestselling author who has appeared regularly on The Montel Willams Show and Larry King Live (doubtful in his case; he looks dead to me.) More sinisterly, she is the founder of a church she calls Society of Novus Spiritus which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2011.

Browne, whose grandmother was psychic and whose mother was psychotic (meth abuser) had her first vision as a mere child. She was thrilled when her second son, aged four, replied when asked who he'd been - "A cowboy" and went on to describe his own death of a gunshot wound to the stomach. And, well, would you believe?! Right after he told his mamma that, his stomach aches jes' went right away!

Browne explains that Spirits are those who made it Home (or the other side;) ghosts are those that cannot accept "The Light" and go over. She has to tell the ghost he/she is, in fact, dead and follow the light! Spirits are kindly and ghosts are not.

She believes she has a Spirit Guide ("Francine") and that we all have Guardian Angels. She attributes all of the above to God, saying that her gift as a psychic, age regression specialist, hypnotist, ghost hunter and church founder are all God's work. She swears she would never believe anything in the spiritual world without a very close examination.

She has an amusing style ... describing the birth of her first son on Father's Day, she remarks that her husband probably would have appreciated a riding lawnmower more. To date, she is enjoying marital bliss with her fourth husband, "the love of my life."

My professonal opinion (based on the fact that my 8th grade book report was on Freud's Interpretation of Dreams) is that she is bat-shit crazy, but a functioing nut case even so. And a very funny author if you can wade through the nonsense about angels, spirits and what not.

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