Saturday, June 26, 2010

All Things World Cup Soccer!

In the few moments I've spent watching World Cup soccer, I have been amazed and amused at the shoes worn by some of the players. They are a Day-Glo orange or green or yellow and look like Crocs. When the herd decides to run to the other end of the pasture - er, field - it looks like a mad rush of glow-worms, hunching their backs, desperate to get there!

Where did they get these shoes? Why? Since several teams are wearing them, it wasn't an "exclusive" things. Determined to get to the bottom of this, I googled. Through my travels online (albeit armchair mode) I came across this Web site -- -- which offered (for sale, of course) anything any fan could ever desire. Scarves, badges, socks, team shirts, bookmarks, and -- well, more. Much more.

Shoes were listed by brand, individual style (color photo) with a column on the left showing the names and country flags of every player wearing that particular brand AND style. If you click on the player's country flag, their entire career appears! Talk about an anal approach to selling!

I ran across countries I'd never heard of, let alone teams! Give me a shout out, Chicago Fire team fans!

While they last, Vuvuzelas (seven colors!) are available for $7.99 each.

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