Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Day of Culture

Today we picked up Pat (Brodsky) at 11:45 a.m. and motored stately towards the Tin Roof Bistro, Manhattan Beach (previously reviewed.) Pat looked terrifyingly chic in dark gray slacks and top and a crisp white pique jacket. I looked like a moving (but nevertheless suave) section of the desert in tan pants, cream top and khaki sweater tied casually around my neck. Richie looked clean.

We were seated and Pat ordered a chardonnay, me a pinot grigio and Richie a white ale. We perused the menu, chatting lazily among ourselves.

Pat ordered and was delighted with her spicy tuna spring wrap with wasabi-ginger sauce. I bit the curiosity bullet and ordered the Pizza Blanco with prosciutto, garlic, mozzarella, fontina, parmesan and balsamic syrup. I'd been too fearful to try it previously and had discarded it in favor of crab cakes or the soup, half sandwich, small salad combo. The syrup put it over the top, but when I reheat the leftovers am going to crisp (if possible) the prosciutto. Richie had a Simmzy hamburger.

After finishing our drinks in a languid fashion, we drove to the Hermosa Beach Art Wallk, situatied on the rolling grass sward of the lawn next to the Community Center. Many small white tents dotted the landscape, each filled with art treasures (I'm being nice here.)

I did see an oil painting I liked of what looked like a very modern rooster to me. The artist, a nice man, said it was titled "Amazon Bird" and that it was $400. I liked it and said so, but indicated that $400 was mor than I wanted to pay (by about $300.) He quickly said, "I'll give you a good deal -- $350!" "With frame?" I shot back. "With frame," and he nodded. I said I'd get back to him.

We sat in a children's art booth that wasn't doing any business, but that had the only chairs around until the Hyperion Outfall Serenaders came on stage and began playing historically correct Dixieland jazz. We paid our respects to the band (whom we know) ((I mock booby flashed them) and went home.

Thus we covered it all -- Fine Dining, Art, Music Appreciation and Nice Clothes. A very cultural day. Four for four, one might say.

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