Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All The Troubles in the World

Oil slicks and activists howling for BP heads, primaries coming up so TV is sated with ads. .The line 'I'm so-and-so and I approved this message" seems rather senseless to me. Nev. Senator Harry Reid said of the primaries, "I have no idea who will be my opponent. I don't vote in the Republican primary so I don't study it very much." Dis-missed!

Pro and con Arizona's new law -- by the way, every law officer in this country is mandated to stop, examine and detain, if necessary, any person exhibiting threatening behaviors. It was just assumed by libertarians that Arizona cops would begin racial profiling. As my old Daddy would say, "Don't holler until you're hurt."

I have to wonder when Tipper Gore paused in her search and destroy mission on obscene lyrics to look up and discover husband Al is a jerk...

A thought for all of the above:
"Only the man who finds everything wrong and expects it to get worse is thought to have a clear brain." John Kenneth Galbraith, American economist (1908-2006) (Cynics rule!)

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