Monday, April 27, 2009

The Three Day Trade-Off

For the past three days, Richie has spoiled me, indulged my every whim ... so on this jaunt to Palm Springs it's his turn. He gets to choose the restos, where we go and what we see.

Huell Hawser, of PBS' "California's Gold" recently did a couple of segments on the Salton Sea, which pricked Richie's interest. Tomorrow we'll go see it since it's only 43 miles away. And we'll kill another bird on the trip -- we used to love Edgardo's Cafe Vera Cruz and visited his first and then second location in PS. Then he foiled us and moved to Indio, 19 miles away. Being far too lazy to get in the car and drive to the freeway and then down it ...

Since Indio is on the way ... mission accomplished.

In other news, our catsitter/house minder Officer Woofs has had another downturn in his personal life. He was going great guns (ha ha) with a female fellow officer until she fell in love with a bad boy dope dealer. Woofs is in a major sulk so a prudent person wouldn't even venture into our neighborhood never mind ringing the bell to offer commiseration.

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