Thursday, April 30, 2009

They Heard We Were Coming - So They Fled!

Back Story: We have long loved Edgardo's Cafe Vera Cruz in both of his locations in Palm Springs. The first was on the corner of Palm Canyon and Arenas Road; the second was much bigger and even more splendidly decorated. The food was excellent starting with three different bottles of home-made sauces on a lazy susan on every table.

And then -- Edgardo vamoosed - "to Indio" we were told.

Monday, in the car heading to Palm Springs:
Richie: "You know, we could go see the Salton Sea this afternoon ..."
Me: "We can't check in until 3 p.m. anyhow ..(thinking) And we can stop in Indio and try to find Edgardo! And, if we can't find him, remember that place we liked?" (This was Martinez Cafe, part of a historical building, complete with a mural on the exterior walls celebrating Route 99 and a gas station.)

On we pressed to Indio where a new shock awaited us. Martinez Cafe looked just the same except for a great big "For Lease" sign across the front. Richie saw the mailman going into the gas station and jumped out to ask him about Edgardo's (mailmen are a great source for directions and always happy to be helpful.) He was gone quite awhile.

When he returned, he said, "The postman didn't know; the girl in the gas station had never heard of it and there's no Edgardo's in the phone book. We'll just have to find something else..."

Which was: Mexico Tipico Restaurant, 82-485 Indio Blv, Indio 760-347-5710. It's a spacious place with its own parking lot, a big, and covered patio. We were ushered to a vast booth and the salsa and chips appeared magically.

The menu was expansive -- six seafood cocktails, eight seafood appetizers - which always amuses me in the desert - and a variety of classical dishes (including tongue.) After considerable study we went for a beef taco and cheese enchilada (me) and a chile relleno and a cheese enchilada (Richie.) It was all good and about $12.

But it wasn't Edgardo's. Someday we'll find you .. and your Grandmother's pork huatelco tamales! Swine flu can't last forever and I've always wanted to see Vera Cruz.

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