Friday, April 3, 2009

The Annual Tire PSI Test

Today I had my 19th consecutive mammogram. The exam itself was short; two views each breast, but the wait for the exam was quiiite long. But making sure you don't have cancer is well-worth any wait. Plus they had "good" magazines (none any earlier than 2008.)

The Person Who Issues Garments looked at me, said, "Tall" and thrust a pair of cloth bundles at me. Once on (the sleeves were the Madame Butterfly type and difficult to figure out) I looked like Lawrence of Arabia -- the folds fell around me, the bottom hem touched my shoe tops.

Gathering my desert robes around me as best I could, I sauntered into the womens' waiting room where two other women sat. I said, "Okay, who stole my camel?" and even though faced with the Powerful Jaws of Maximum Pressure in their immediate futures, they laughed. God bless a woman with a good sense of humor!

And don't forget your own annual mammogram!

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