Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome a Great Guest Editor!

Perhaps one of the most memorable meals I ever ate was at a USO in Key West, FL. I was a young sailor in sub sonar school and Christmas was approaching. I was not going to go home due to the duty roster. I was required to stay so that others would be with family.

I was new in town, lonely and without resources. I went to a USO and there I met an older, motherly woman who was a volunteer. I ordered a tuna sandwich on white bread. She talked with me about home, family and service. She asked how I liked it after I ate it. I told her Mom used homemade sweet pickles in her tuna and toasted the bread.

She said I should come back on Saturday, the next day that she worked. I returned and she had homemade sweet pickles and made it on toast! To a lonely sailor at Christmas time, it was a red letter day and a gourmet meal.

To these volunteers, every day is Veterans Day and thank God for that spirit.

By Don, Deep in the Piney Woods

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