Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yet thoroughly arrogant.

The CEOs of "The Big Three" flew into Washington, D.C. -- on corporate jets, no less -- to plead for corporate bail-outs.

Rick Wagner, CEO of GM, uses a $36 million jet and refused to discuss his ride, brushing it aside with a "That's not important right now." GM is seeking some $10 to $12 billion in aid.

Alan Mulally, Ford CEO, made it part of his employment contract that he and his wife are to have the use of a corporate jet because, see, they don't actually live in Detroit, but in Seattle and commute weekends. This is one of Ford's eight (8) private jets. Financially-troubled AIG has already sold two of their seven jets, but Ford management said that selling any of them was "non-negotiable." Mr. Mulally's annual paycheck is $28 million.

Robert Nordelli, Chrysler CEO, used one, too, but further details were not forthcoming in the article.

I say, "Buy a Toyota!"

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