Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just Fill in The Blanks

It is understatement to say that I no longer trust the media, which has been going on and on about early voters! "I waited three hours to vote!" "I waited five!" ("I camped out last night in front of the polls....ACHOO!")

Given my petty and vindictive nature, I am curious about how true this is (or isn't.) Therefore I ask you to fill in the following sentence and return it to this blog as a comment.

When I arrived at my polling place in (name of town) at _______ o'clock, there were approximately ______ people there and a polling person told me, "____________
___________________________________________________ (re attendance.)

Update: When we arrived at our polling place in Manhattan Beach at 9:20 a.m., they were doing a good, but brisk business due to the efficient way the Masonic Center had been laid out. Redondo Beach residents went to one side; Manhattan Beach to the other side of the room. There we were all processed quickly and sent to a booth -- approximately 8 to 10 for each of the two cities.

I know (sigh) -- I can't even follow my own instructions!

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