Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honor Our Veterans - All of Them

In my mind's eye I can see the LA Veterans Cemetery - it's on the right hand side of the 405 Freeway, going north. Row after row of small, white crosses ... the endless geometry of them is awe inspiring... from any angle, they are aligned as the men and women they represent were once neatly aligned on parade.

A deeper thought comes with this memory's vision. Every one of these small white crosses must have left what the military calls "collateral damages" -- grieving parents, siblings, relatives, spouses and children. Every cross represents the pain of those left behind. A soldier was killed, mourned and buried and much of the joy left that soldier's family.

In a much smaller way (after all, they lived) these people should be honored a little bit, too. War is hell on everyone except the generals.

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