Monday, March 26, 2018

When Did So Many Become So Trashy?

Where to begin?  Parades and marches - the Pussyhats marched with smirks -- and refused to pick up after themselves, leaving an ocean of empty coffee cups in their wake.  Then - and this is a classic - 400,000 environmentalists marched in New York City - and littered left and right.

#Me Too (uh, organizers?  You forgot the comma after Me)  began fomenting in November, 2017, and now was moribund in February, 2018.  Incidentally it took that long for someone to finally ask, "Whatever happened to the preconception that one is innocent until proven guilty?"  Accusations flew like rice at a wedding with not a shadow of evidence, a trace of due process or a hearing of any kind.

And now comes Stormy Daniels.  "Oh, Melanie, I'm just sorry; I am so sorry; I wouldn't want that to happen to me" and let us now finish her sentence "I'm so sorry for you that I bring all of this up 12 years later to show how sorry I am."   That last phrase nails it.  Yeah, you are pretty sorry.   

It can hardly surprise a denizen of the world of porn films to learn that men will say anything to get what they want.  This includes being catty about the current resident of the family home.

At least Stormy Supporters (?) are not marching and strewing litter, trash and used coffee cups on a street anywhere.  Yet.


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