Sunday, June 11, 2017

They Don't Wear Dresses Here!

This afternoon (Sunday, 6-11-170 is the monthly South Bay New Orleans Jazz Club's live music fiesta and I was mulling over which of my outfits I would wear to dazzle them.  And as I mentally flicked idly through the hangars in my closet, I suddenly realized something.

The jazz club is the only place I ever see women wearing dresses.  Granted we never go to church unless it's a wedding, christening or funeral so regular attendees could be wearing dresses every Sunday and we wouldn't know anything about it.

But in the course of daily life - supermarket, library, doctor/dentist appointments, French lessons, Thurs. Writers - there is only a sea of pants, yoga pants, tights, shorts ... nary a skirt to be seen. 

Is this a nationwide thing or merely beach-local?  Is there a reason for it?  Are dresses really that uncomfortable?  Write if you know ... this column always welcomes knowledge and/or information. 

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