Wednesday, June 28, 2017

So This Wedding Cake Goes to the Supreme Court ...

A gay male couple tries to hire a local bakery to make them a wedding cake..  The baker-owner declines. 

Instead of having gone to a gay-owned bakery in the first place, and keep substantial money in the gay community,  the pair now have a hissy fit and demand that the baker make the cake.

The baker points to the sign in his establishment that reads "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."  This is perfectly legal unless a person is refused service for race, color, national origins or religion.  Being gay is "none of the above."

Naturally they took it to a court as is the wont of apparently everyone residing in the United States.  Not happy about something?  Sue the bastards!

Ever curious, I began to wonder if this was the only bakery in Denver - gay or straight or catering solely to giraffes. 

The Denver city limits contain 663,862 souls as of 2014.  Metro Denver counts 3 million residents.  Are all of these people gay haters?  Not on your tintype, toots.  The Denver Gay Friendly Business Directory is so successful that they charge $$$ to buy a copy of it.  Travelogue et al have sections touting gay amusements, restaurants, discos and mention specific sections of the city where gays gather or are reported to gather.

Given all of this, the gay couple's suit is one of the purest examples of a frivolous lawsuit possible.  Is this what the Supremes have come to?  If so, it is a sorry day for America. 

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