Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Maybe Not Something You'd Consider Eating ...

But presented for your consideration anyhow.  One of my many bad habits is the enjoyment I get from reading a good book (no others need apply) and eating little tidbits of this'n that.  Recent discoveries:

A bag of carrots - the little ones which are the trimmed part of the carrot that left the dirt last.  One whack, splitting them, then  into the saucepan, cook and drain and toss in a tablespoon of honey.  Not a snack. 

How about a container of bar cheese, in this case, cheddar and jalapeno?  Great dip!  And by using carrots instead of Evil, Fattening Salty Chips, you are getting roughage and vitamin C.
Carambazola cheese is a wonderful blend of Brie and Bleu, creamy, slightly salty with that ineffable bleu flavor.  Good with baby pippin apples ($3/lb!) or dried apricots. 

Peach Bellini jam is made with peaches and sparkling prosecco (cooking boils out any alcohol) and is wonderful on a well-toasted English muffin.  It's also good like this:

sea scallops, muscle removed and fed to our cat Streak
Butter to saute
Strip of pre-cooked bacon, nuked (20 seconds here) and crumbled
Jar of Peach Bellini jam

Cook the scallops, slather with jam, dust with bacon chunks.  Eat.

Let it also be noted that cooking the dish this way instead of in the oven for frozen packages of bacon-wrapped scallops is not nearly as messy.  In fact it isn't messy at all.  In store-bought bacon-wrapped, the bacon deposits grease, and burns and using aluminum foil is the only way to deal with the mess after cooking them.

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