Sunday, June 4, 2017

Man the Barricades, London!

London has a number of bridges, many of which are tourist "must sees" and probably "must have selfie."

They also carry cars and trucks not only for transportation of goods, but as people movers. 

They are vulnerable to attack.

Twice people have gotten killed on or very near them. 

How can they be defended?  Water-filled temporary barriers. 

Now is the time to install them and separate vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  They are portable, practical and quick to install.  I can understand why the British might look tardy in their protection efforts after the fact, but who could possibly have guessed that IS would target a second bridge?  Obviously, they did.

If traffic across the bridges is disrupted for a couple of days for installation, stiff upper lip, and be grateful such defenses exist.   

Incidentally these water-filled barriers are not expensive - a California firm offers 32" x 72" for $249.95.

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