Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring in Palm Springs

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Richie and I were the tour guides; Frank and Anne were our trot along now, briskly, victims.  After the mandatory First Lunch In Town at Tyler's, and check-in, we decided that it would be a good idea to show our respect and visit Frank Sinatra's grave.. 

He (and most of his family) are buried in the Desert Memorial Park at 31750 DaValle Way, Cathedral City.  We used Ramon toward Rancho Mirage, left onto DaValle. 

I was selected to run into the office to ask for Frank's current address.  Inside, I was greeted by a nice, older man with a Saqlvador Dali-type moustache to match his hair.  He handed me a stapled together three page folio on who and where, pointing across the lawn just outside the window -- "You see that trio of flower arrangements?  That's Sinatra's." 

He went on to say that the other major celebrity in residence is Sonny Bono, former Mayor of Palm Springs and DC Congressman.  Gesturing again, he said, "He's further back -- where the flag and the fountain are - there's a memorial statue of him, too?"

"Is he skiing?" I asked deadpan.  He laughed heartily.  "My grandchildren have no idea who these people are - gesturing at the list of B stars, but I bet you do - we're old enough to remember!" 

Sinatra's mother, father, an uncle and his best friend, Jilly Rizzo, are all buried in a long row with two names I didn't recognize.  They were ancient; the stones were mossy and chipped with the name Barkenton or similar and I was puzzled.  Who were these two and why were they in with the Sinatras? 

It turns out that Barbara Sinatra, The Widder, had her parents heaved up from wherever they had rested and moved into the Sinatra plots.  The one I could read said, "Died 1989."  How pushy is that?  How tacky?  Don't let me count the ways ...

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