Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mother vs. Daughter - Who's the Trashiest?

Candy Spelling, widow of TV mogul Aaron Spelling has written a book detailing her life, her 70,000 sq. ft. (including the attic) home and her vast collection of stuff.

Her daughter Tori (short for Victoria) has made a second career out of maligning her mother in articles and on her own "selfie" reality show.  Tori's fury apparently stems from the fact that she feels she should have gotten a bigger chunk of Daddy's fortune when he went to that big wide screen in the sky.  Discussing money is reasonably tacky.  Wealthy people don't discuss money - theirs or ours.   Simply not done.

Spelling writes that she is down-sizing to a mere 17,000 sq. ft. home and reminds us that it's the same size as her attic.  What to take with her and what to auction off?  She has 180 boxes of Christmas decorations and 59 of Easter things.  PETA should go after her for her collection of turtle soup bowls with matching spoons.  Most of her collections are displayed throughout the house and she is so particular that she will notice if an object is a quarter of an inch out of place. 

She prides herself on being a good cook and generously threw in some of her recipes.  The very first is Chicken Casserole which calls for "1 package onion soup mix, undiluted; one can Cream of Mushroom soup..."  Roll over Escoffier!

Aaron refused to fly so for a family visit to Europe she rented a private railroad car for the trip across the U.S. with an additional baggage car for their 52 suitcases.  The took the QE2 to and from Europe.  They had a wonderful time.

"Stories from Candyland - Confessions from One of Hollywood's Most Famous Wives and Mothers" by Candy Spelling   St. Martin Press   248 pages   $25.95

THIS JUST IN - Breaking - Spelling has written another book and is blabbing all over the media that she broke up with a guy who had a penis prosthetic because she felt that six hours of sex is just too much - "It's like running a marathon."

Candy wins.  No contest.

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