Sunday, May 18, 2014

Don't Put That In/On Your Mouth!

H/T to who turned me on to tooth tattooing in one of their articles.

It's a tattoo put on a crown -- never a living tooth - and the crown is then re-installed.  The cost runs from $75 to $200.  Or else, based on the photos, one can have the tattoo on a cap that fits over your own real tooth, upper or lower.   I'm betting that if it's dark-colored people will be telling you all day long, "You've got spinach in your teeth."   

Or, you can have fangs or teeth/tooth tattooed on your living flesh.  A dental tech, for example, had a tattoo of two her instruments on her upper arm.  This goes beyond the outer reaches to me.  If you were a mechanic, would you have a lift inked in on your forearm?

This tooth tattooing was new to me, but I did know about "grills" (which is how I Googled it because I know how to spell.)  The Google response was "grillz" which is offensive.  You can't make something "hot" by the way you spell it.

Anyhow, grillz/s are like false teeth without the teeth.  Remember Halloween when you got ghastly wax ones in weird shapes?  Same principle.  Or like braces.    

Big Dog Grillz offers a variety of metallic finishes.  The site reports that vampire fangs are their best seller with your choice of gold or silver.  They are on sale now and what was once $49.99 is now $19.99.   Style Mavins - this may mean vampires are becoming passé.    Be on the alert!

Another is called "The Patriot."  Picture a white strip, with a blue one underneath it and a red strip below the blue.  ($24.99)  I think that's perhaps a tad disrespectful to our flag, but ... who listens to old ladies? 

I also think it shows a sort of limited creativity in that yeah, the grills can be removed and the caps exchanged, but a tattooed crown or a piece of your flesh are pretty much forever. 

Pinterest has some interesting photos of the suckahs who went for any of the above. 

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