Sunday, July 15, 2012

Twice Wrong

Some time ago, we had a memorable dim sum lunch with Bob and Pat Brodsky which was made memorable by Bob's greed.  A full mouth didn't stop him from gesturing and mumbling, "What's that?" before ordering a couple of whatever it might have been.  We laughed at him  all the way through that lunch.

Thus, when I learned that the Rio now sported "KJ Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant," I determined to re-create that happy meal.  After breakfast, I poked my nose in the door and made reservations for that night.

Comes the hour, comes us -- to a practically-empty restaurant.  Reservations, indeed!  Mistake #1.

It's a calming room, after the incessant noise of the casino and we both appreciated that.  Mostly cream-colored walls with accent walls of brilliant Chinese crimson.  Dark wood tables and chairs, snowy white tablecloths.  The art work is 4 ft. x 5 ft. blown-up photos of koi or flowers, all topped by a lovely, undulating ceiling.  

Richie had snagged a take-out menu during our morning visit so I knew exactly what I wanted. 

A lobster roll (2 for $8.95) -"I'm sorry, Madame, lobster all gone." Shrimp balls (6 for $12.95 but they only brought 3 and halved the price) and Kung Pao Shrimp ($16.95)  Richie ordered the only thing I've ever seen him order in an Asian restaurant:  Chicken with Cashew Nuts ($12.95)

The shrimp balls were chopped shrimp, shaped into big meatballs, dredged in smaller-than-panko crumbs and deep fried.  The sauce, a pale cream color, set them off perfectly -- a hint of sweetness and citrus.  Intrigued, I asked our waiter about it.  "Ha Ha! Mayo!" he crowed, adding " with a pinch of sugar and a dash of lime juice." 

The Kung Pao Shrimp disappointed me.  They were so bland, the dish could have been fed to a very small child.  I look for Heat!  Sizzle! when dishes are labelled "kung pao" or "Szechwan."  Mistake #2.

To Round Eyes like ours, some of the dishes sounded extremely exotic.  You decide...

Jelly fish and pork leg, sliced - $14.95
Spicy beef tendon - $11.95
Hot Spicy Duck Feet - $11.95
Sauteed Geoduck Clam (international market price)
Clam with Ginger Scallions - $17.95
Imperial Peking Duck - $42

The kitchen must be packed with sous-chefs -- 16 rice dishes, 12 appetizers, 8 soups, 10 clam, oyster, squid mention only a few items on the their menu

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