Monday, July 9, 2012

New At Hudson House

First, the jazz club was as enjoyable as ever, but, sadly, I don't have any scandalous events to discuss.  Some months are like that...

But on a happer note (because it involves food and I like to eat) Hudson House, PCH, Redondo Beach, has added some new dishes to its menu.  I've liked Hudson House since my first visit because it has a menu that I consider to be sophisticated without being oh-so-aware-of-itself.  You've all seen the little girl who knows she's just the most precious thing in shoes - and preens.  For me, Hudson House is a "learning experience."

Grilled Avocado Toasts - marinated radish, mustard seed, corn nuts!  Corn nuts are "essence of bar noshing" and this is witty.  $8

Grilled Shrimp Tacos - cucumber-chili cream, pickled onions, cilantro.  $9  Based on the two grilled shirmp that come with a Bloody Mary, these are worth investigating. 

Tangy Mushroom and Crispy Kale Flatbread, Arugula pesto, Buffalo Mozzarella, Fried Egg  $10  This is kind of a riff on French pizza which comes with a raw egg, sitting in its shell in the center of the piping hot pizza!  Pesto is basically basil and olive oil mashed together so why not substitute arugula?  $10

Tomato-Beer Steamed Clams with a lime leaf and grilled bread.  $10  A cute take on the classic French mussels dish.

Grilled Salmon with white corn-pesto farro, pickled beets, fennel  $14

Pressed, Pulled Pork and Prosciutto Cubano with sweet pickles, Swiss cheese, honey-mustard  $9  Richie had this and liked it and I liked the bite he allocated me.

Lamb, Chicken Sausage, Eggplant and Feta Meatballs with piquillo pepper sauce, baby celery leaves  $10

Until last night, I'd never even noticed that they serve dessert!  Undoubtedly too full to care!  Their portions are meant to be shared so they're generous.   I love the Brown Sugar Pork Ribs ($12) but there seven or eight of them per serving.  Guess what's for lunch...

Their three desserts are:
Baked-to-order oatmeal-cherry cookie with salted caramel ice cream and crushed pretzels.  $6  Our server said it's the most popular of this trio. 
Salty smoked almond Rocky Road fudge  $5
Crispy beer-battered Twinkie!  $4  Damn!  I think you'd be about on the edge of "I'm sorry, the bar is closed to you" status to order  that!

If you're geographically distant from Hudson House, I bet many of you could duplicate several of these dishes in your own kitchen! 

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