Friday, July 27, 2012

This'n That - Slow News Day

She really does love to dance!

Bob and Pat (Brodsky) introduced us to the fun at the South Bay New Orleans Dixieland Jazz Club (aka the jazz club and you can see why) and we have been partakers ever since.  When they moved to a retirement community in Claremont, they quickly found and joined a club in nearby West Covina.

Pat was telling me about it last night on the phone and mentioned that our club president plays drums at their new group.  "Oh! And that couple -- you know --that likes to dance?  She wears culottes and has to pull him up out of his chair?"

"You mean Lou and Bernie?" I gasped.  "Is that their names?" asked Pat,  "Oh, yes, it was them."  West Covina has to be at least 50 miles from the beach and requires three freeways to get there.  God bless'em.

Summers Re-visited

"Beach books" are so-named because they tend not to be along the lines of "Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Why He Was Wrong," but much lighter fare.

When I came upon a section of the library that I hadn't noticed, I found it full of prolific authors -- people who had written 20 to 45 books apiece!  Whole shelves stretched off into the distance -- Robert B. Parker, Stuart Wood, Lawrence Saunders, James Lee Burke (who veers dangerously close to the Einstein book,) Sidney Sheldon, Judith Kranz and the ever-delightful Jackie Collins who is about as frivolous as they come.

For a good beach read, take a look back at some of your favorite authors.  You may even be lucky enough to find one that you somehow missed the first time around.  That's a find!

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