Saturday, July 7, 2012

"It's Really Good Monsoon Weather Over Here"

This is what Vijayendra Pratap Singh said to me during the course of his/her making sure this computer does not have the DNS malware (it didn't.)  He/she asked if I had ever been to India and I replied, "No, but I have friends who have and they were impressed."  That's when the above invitation was offered.   As an inducement... uh, no, but thank you for thinking of me. 

I spent a grey Saturday morning on this DNS malwear thing as a result of Richie's reading about it in the Business section of the LA Times.  Having recently had installed in conjunction with McAfee, I went to the pushbutton on the top of the screen, pressed "Live Help" and up popped Mr./Ms. Singh.

What I love about programs that allow the tech to enter your computer and fix it from within is the fact that I don't have to unhook and tote; I don't have to have a tech come to the house and best of all, I don't have to go to computer school and learn how to do it myself.  This is not laziness, it is with the sure and certain knowledge that I would kill my own computer if I did.  I am not computer savvy.  You read it here.

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