Sunday, December 18, 2011

Keeping Up With Food Trends Is Killing Me

I wrote the other day about ordering and eating a "banh mi." I was so proud of myself! Two trendies - the banh mi and the pork belly! Whoa, stylin'!

And then comes the January Bon Appetit. Wherein I am told that while they are "still quite popular" ( i.e., they got the death sentence) banh mi sandwiches are now rather ... passe next to the newest rage. It's called a Num Pang (Cambodian for bread) and is built on a toasted semoli flour roll. It includes the traditional meat, thin-sliced pickled cucumber, carrot shreds cilantro and in this case, a spiced honey dressing.

But wait! There are three more coming up the billboard charts!

"Mo" a type of flatbread from China's Shaanix province. It contains red-braised pork, whatever that is. Possibly a reference to a predominantly red (lots of chilis, cayenne, paprika?) dry rub?

"Nizami Rolls" - Calcutta-style (?) rolled sandwichs using "Kati," an Indian flatbread.

"Ssam" (Ssam) A Korean wrap using rice, marinated vegetables, braised short ribs or tofu in rice paper.

Since banh mi are sold by the thousands daily from food carts in Thailand (aka Paradise for Pedophiles) I think they're still good enough for the likes of me. I'm too old to be "trendy."

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