Monday, December 26, 2011

An All-Around Good Christmas

We woke up at 6 to sunshine (and 44 degrees.) Since it was Sunday, I had both crossword puzzles (NY and LA) which is a never-failing treat every Sunday.

The bird was still sleeping, under her cover, when Richie picked up a music box of Santa twirling to "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" and started it playing. From under her cover, Lady Bird began to warble along with the music box! (Naturally we then uncovered the cockatiel.)

Richie likes to make Sunday breakfast and his pancakes were their usual good selves and really well done bacon is good for you - something about the carbon. We got good presents; useful, fun, interesting things. Then we straightened out the house for an Open House from 3 to 7 p.m. We had a good turnout - 12 in total, but not all at once which is the best part of an open house. Arrivals are magically staggered.

I followed Michelle's dictum that you always have something salty with drinks and loaded the coffee table with:
Pretzel crackers, water crackers and grissini-sized bread sticks for the two cheeses.
Brie with dried cherries or a dab of fig jam for it.
Tinterm Welsh cheese which has leeks and scallions inside it and an Edam-like green peel-off rind. Slightly sour back taste; could be creamier but overall, good.
A bowl of mixed olives and dried cherries
Peppered salami slices, jars of cashews and peanuts.

Half of the dining room table held: Spice Thai Shrimp Bao (didn't sell at all well, but they're very good)
Bacon-wrapped scallops (only one left)
Shrimp Corn Dogs - went very quickly. Children like them, too.
Feta and Onion Pastry Bites
Crab Rangoon won tons - they're even good cold the next day!
Mushroom Raviolis in a Mushroom-Truffle Sauce.

Why, yes! I did have my head in the oven most of the afternoon! How did you know?

The other half was for dessert (which we totally over did, sadly)
Richie's Pumpkin Pie with Pumpkin Ice Cream and chopped candied pecans (one taker)
Cannoli (none left)
Buche de Noel, the French caken - went over well.
A chocolate-covered panneton with a cream sauce running through the cake underneath - no one!
A couple of trays of mixed, decorated holiday cookies (and kids like them, too)
A dozen vanilla or chocolate macaroons - I think maybe three are left.
A Whitman's double-decker Sampler and a box of chocolate-covered cherries.

CATERED BY TRADER JOE'S except for the candies.

I intend to have some tasty lunches because Himself won't countenance leftover apps as a full dinner. More for me (shrug)

He also made me participate in the annual December 26th event called "Boxing Day" in Great Britain, but "Hellfire and damnation day!" by me. He makes me go to Hallmark with him and buy next year's Christmas cards. How the hell can I know what kind of mood I'll be in a full year away?!

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