Monday, December 12, 2011

Dance Off! At the Jazz Club

In every organization there are those who participate and those who watch. At the jazz club (more formally known as the South Bay New Orleans Jazz Club) usually the first couple out on the floor are Jerry and Polly. They are superbly graceful dancers and we watchers (legion) always enjoy watching them gliding about the floor. It adds a needed touch of class to an occasion which is, to say the least, "informal."

Polly told me that Jerry is a graduate of "Walk In, Dance Out."* I was stunned as I'd always assumed he was an instructor. Polly is just as talented and she has to do it all backwards in heels! (H/T Ginger Rogers.)

Since it was pre-holiday celebration, there was a good turnout. Among the strangers were what I shall refer to as The Nerd and The Slut-in-White. The Nerd, top to bottom, consisted of medium-length brown hair, "engineer glasses" (brown on the stems halfway back toward the ears) a cream polo shirt with brown, striped sleeves, brown pants and brown, suede running shoes. He had a serious look to him.

She wore her ear-length hair in a tumble of ringlets, a cream-colored top that left bare a half-inch of toned abdomen, visible during spins and turns. She had on what had to be size 2, tiny white, stretch jeans and a pair of black shoes. She just looked happy.

They took to the floor during a bouncy number and proceeded to tear it up. I was more than surprised at their style. Apparently, their belt buckles had gotten entangled somehow because she was plastered into him, perky apple butt turned up invitingly. All of the "ass men" around the room sat up much more alertly.

Polly and Jerry have a much more consrvative style, totally suitable for a chaste tea dance with the grannies watching. (Largely the audience at the club.) My first reaction to this 2 a.m.-at-the-disco style was, "Vertical sex? At the jazz club? We don't remember sex!"

At the end? Home Team 2; Visitors 1. Polly thought the visitors were better, "They dance in competitions!" But I stand by my scoring. I hope they come back. I love a good dance floor battle!

* Richie would be the only person in history who would "Walk In, Walk Out." God love him, he has many talents, but any sense of rhythm, ability to move his feet around (instead of hop up and down like a bunny) is nonexistent.

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