Wednesday, December 7, 2011

E Mail To My Sister

TO: Gussie
FROM: Peanut
Subj. Late Christmas Present - Sorreee!

But when it gets there, you won't mind at all.

Remember how you howled like a bag of hyenas at the photo you sent me? The one of the license plate that reads: "Illinois! Where Our E-Governors Make Your License Plates!" This is related to that...

And it's also to replace that tacky display of your kids bronzed baby shoes! Remember the part about they're now 28 and 31? And no it isn't MY bronzed baby shoes. Mother threw them out to make room for yours...

But I digress. I got you something you will love. I had to go through channels to get it, but it's been "got." First I called my good friend Steve Diels who is the representative for the proud Redondo Beach 4th District. I've seen in the past how powerful he is and what a full Rollidex he's got... Diels called the Head Warden of the Illinois Prison System and Diels promises me that you will get Rod Blago's VERY FIRST LICENSE PLATE! They're going to be numbered and sold like a fine print to the public. The Warden said to thank you for a great idea!

Of course, it's actually MY great idea, but you see how generous your sister can be?

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