Friday, September 3, 2010


AAA has a list of Web sites designed for the aging driver. If you're a local, you'll be relieved to learn that Richie and I both passed handily. Others are: -- how well is your car configured to you? - screens the eight things that cause the most crash risks -- driver training -- designed to provide family members of older drivers with needed information. Translation: prying the car keys from arthritic, old fingers.

American Airlines has debuted what it is calling an "online press kit" for their new Web site This is a site designed to get black travelers to off-beat destinations used to research their personal history and/or antecedents. Or so I understood it.

"Relish" the Wednesday food magazine supplement in the local paper mentioned as a source of free e-vites or online invitations. Said to be created by artists who "volunteer" their works gratis. I checked it and a random designed I picked "suggested" a $10 donation to the artist...

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