Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It looks like it's going to be another nice day so I'm in a good mood. For no reason at all, I got to thinking about US Presidents and how their faces change from campaigning to actively leading our country. They all begin to look like ducks! No kidding. The bridge of their nose thins and their nostrils flare and: they look like ducks.

Most of them get grayer as they advance through their term, but it's not due to stress which is an old wives' tale. In fact, 50% of all 50 year olds are heading toward gray. Most people start finding the odd white hair in their mid-30s.

So I have to ask: what would be the fun of taking -- nay, campaigning for -- a job that would turn you into a white-haired duck?

A Fun Site -- This is another Nina, but we share an interest in obituaries. Whenever Richie and I are on the road and I have a chance to read the local newspaper, I always read the obituaries. "Other Nina" goes farther -- she seeks them out and prints them in her blog! A former Navy man and avid boater's obit said, "He sailed away October 10, 2010" Although I grinned, I later thought, "Yeah... how appropriate."

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