Wednesday, September 15, 2010

35 A & B -- Lookin' Good!

Coming home we were in what the airlines call "The Main Cabin" and what we refer to as "Steerage." We were on a 767 and the seating is XX XXX XX. Happily 35 A & B is the pair of two seat spaces on the left.

We'd stopped at a deli and bought sandwiches and chips; we bought drinks on the plane. Given all the ways the airlines are trying to make a buck off of the passengers, a drink is still a bargain. A cocktail (Bloody Mary or Gin & Tonic, say) is $7 each and a restaurant generally charges around $8 to $10.

Richie knew one of the flight attendants and he and the guy had a chat. Just before we landed, he came to our seats, handed Richie a silver trash bag (standard on MAA) and said, "Next time you have prime rib, try this." It was a bottle of Wente Vineyards Shorthorn Canyon Syrah. This hasn't happened to us in more than 20 years! Back then, if Richie knew a crew member, that person would almost always give us a bottle of wine or champagne to take hom.

But I'm thinking we all better enjoy such meager delights while we can. Drudge Report had an article on "Sky Rider saddle seats" which are said to be coming to certain European airlines.

I tried to pull up the image for you, but couldn't. Go to Google Images and type in Sky Rider saddle seats. You will see a row of saddles on posts meant for Main Cabin passengers! The promoter said that cowboys used to be in their saddles for up to eight hours at a time and that it didn't bother them. I hate to tell this guy, but cowboys haven't ridden horses in years! It's ATVs or helicopters now.

Now you see why 35 A & B were not all that bad...

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