Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Lengthy Explanation and a Profound Apology

Explanation: (Get comfortable, this is going to take a moment.) I am not a computer expert. I can do what I need to do on a computer (write, print, save and research) but none of the knowledgeable things others can do. Like make a Website, make a spread sheet, write a newsletter.

This doesn't make me a Luddite! Oh, you don't know what that is, but hear it occasionally? I didn't really know either. helped out.

During the Napoleonic Wars, British textile weavers and workers became furious. The Industrial Revolution meant that new machines had been created that were simple enough for relatively untrained, un-weaving-skilled workers to run them, putting the artisans effectively out to pasture.

A man named Ned Ludd appeared to lead them in acts of factory disruption (they burned down those with the new machines in 1811 and 1812) thus earning the rage of the British Army. The two factions fought and the Luddites lost. Punishment included execution and dispersal to "penal colonies." (Note: see how many "Weavers" are listed in the Australia/New Zealand phone books...)

Basically, Luddites are opposed to industrialism, automation, computerization and just any new technologies at all.

Actually, I'd be a DOS-osauer if I could remember why I loved that system. It was used primarily in the days of 5 in. floppy discs which were replaced by 3.5 in. hard discs (still called "floppies") and later still by CDs and now people use external, plug-in memory chips.

Aside: the best way to "save" something is to print it out. I have a foot-tall stack of 3.5s and if I ever want to know what's on them, I'll have to buy an external drive just for them.

All of the above is to explain why, when I write this column and go "inside" (blogger dashboard, it's called) I never paid any attention to any of the commands there except "New" "Publish" "See" and "Edit."

Yesterday, being idle (as I am most days) I decided to see if I could find out if I have any readers and began clicking on the various headings in there. To my delight, yes, people read me! To my abject sorrow and horror, some have left comments that I never read because I stupidly didn't know they were there! I am genuinely appalled at this rudeness and wish to apologize profusely for it.

Since I hate that this is largely a monologue and in the past have encouraged comments as part of an on-going dialogue, it is especially shameful that others complied and I didn't! The horror!

Now that I do know about "Comments" I will check daily. Dialogue beats monologue every, single time.

On another note, same subject: a friend told me that to be listed as a "Follower" (as if!) that person has to go through a whole bunch of rigamarole with the site provider. I wouldn't bother with that and recommend that you don't either. (And God help me if "They" are reading this.)

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