Friday, July 10, 2009


It's "various" because our ancient printer took the opportunity of our absence to quietly pass into cyberspace or wherever shot printers go. Thus I'm forced into translating short notes (rather than the full story.)

French inconveniences continued: The handicapped in France are not treated all that well. Most restaurants are in ancient buildings and toilets were evidently added as an after-thought since they are almost all up or down twisty, narrow stairs. Naturally the spaces are too small for an elevator. Further, ramps are not provided and many of the restos require a short flight of stairs to get in or out of them.

Some buses have a driver-controlled slide-out ramp, but trains and metro cars don't seem to have them.

But with wit, the French treat handicapped parking spaces like this: "If you take my parking place, take my handicap."

Supermarkets have a sign on the check out counter that says handicapped persons are allowed to cut in front of other customers. (Supermarkets only.) Michelle did what she was legally entitled to do, but the German couple behind her were visibly disgruntled. She told the clerk that perhaps her boss didn't tell her to announce this to other passengers in line. The clerk admitted that he hadn't said anything, but that she would in the future. Michelle is a regular customer there and knows all the cashiers.

Tomorrow we will explore French toilets, truly an experience of variedness.

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