Friday, January 30, 2009

Odds and Ends

Laundry & a Pizza -- Sears can't come out until Monday to take a look at our washer. The clothes were piling up. So we took them to the laundromat next to Valentino's Pizza. The price for one load of laundry (washer only) is $1.75! How's that for sticker shock?

But in the length of time it took us to order and then eat our slices of pizza, the laundry got done!

Run, Avocados, Run! -- National Public Radio had a segment on the fear that there wouldn't be enough chicken wings for Superbowl fans. Relax -- the reporter said that there will be one billion (billion) available for your dining pleasure, along with something like 10 tons of guacamole.

Made Me Laugh -- the old IHOP near the gym was sold to one of those Chipotle places. Naturally, they're doing some work on it. The sign hanging off the front reads: "Burrito-fication in progress!"

Going for an Even Dozen -- I read in this morning's Page Six that Joan Rivers is not only getting royalties on her book ("Men Are Stupid/Big Boobs") but one of the plastic surgeons she touted in it is giving her a free arm lift in gratitude. She will have had 12 of the 15 procedures she wrote about ...

Finally! -- they've repaired the up escalator from the parking lot at our gym. It totally freaks me out to have to climb a stilled escalator. It's wrong; the escalator should be moving, dammit! And, yes, of course, it's funny to take an escalator to a gym. I know that.

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