Thursday, January 15, 2009

Big Excitement at the Senior Center!

The South Bay Writers Workshop (less formally known as "Thurs. Writers") meets in a room at the Veteran's Park Senior Center. Today we were ousted from our normal space because a casting company was auditioning seniors for a Microsoft commercial! There was a great stir and bustle in the hallways and corridors. Even Bingo! was disbanded. We were invited to sign up! The only criterian seemed to be: you must be older than 60.

Dale, Donna, Emma, and Bob signed the call out sheet and then the individual form (name, age, address) that all had been given. I abstained. I know I look too young; why waste everyone's time?

Excitement successfully stifled, we repaired to the sunny patio and settled in to our business.

About an hour later, Dale and Emma were called in to be filmed and questioned. Then Bob and Donna. "Tuesday is call back day!" the harrassed-appearing casting director said. "You're the last bunch" she sighed and turned back to her photographer.

'Is it too early to be thinking Oscar 2010?" I mused as we all left the building.

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