Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cougar Attack!

My cousin is an LA County Fire Department captain with an engine company in Palos Verdes, aka "The Hill" to locals. We (Jane, Richie and self) met him at Polly's on the Pier for breakfast Monday moring and he told us this true story --

Perry and the engine crew were sent to help on the Butte County lightning complex fire near Chico, Calif. During a mandatory rest break, the crew decided to go into Chico and see what it was like In town, they were immediately recognized by a pair of 40-something women who squealed with joy, "We LOVE firemen!" Both were well-built with capacious bosoms.

One of them launched an attack on the chief, who laughingly brushed her aside, saying, "We're all married -- except him!" pointing to Mike, the new guy on the crew. Undaunted, the woman lunged at Mike, grabbed him in a bear hug, kissed him right on the mouth and followed that up with a love bite on his neck!

Naturally the rest of the crew have their cell phones out, snapping pictures, but one guy proved to be more enterprising -- he added a voice over. "Uh, oh! Cougar! She's spotted her prey! Chief fights her off! Now she's spotted Prey #2 -- she's attacking! She bit him! He's fighting her off! He's successful!" and showed it around. Everyone had a good laugh.

Until the next morning when the battalion chief called an all-units respond meeting. He began by saying, "Yesterday Engine Company #364 was attacked by a cougar so I want you all to pay close attention when you're in the brush."

When the truth was explained to him, he had a good laugh. But I say, "Beware, young men -- there are cougars in Chico and they're hungry!"

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