Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Remembering with Laughter

Boots gave me my schedule and stations.  The whole lunch room   counter and in the main room 1st booth on the left.  Mrs. Boots had the all of the rest of them. Maybe she appreciated the proximity to the bar. GIVEN WHAT I'D SEEN I believed it.

The counter - lunch was never busy but it does remind as if I needed it how much I hated clean-up night when the catsup bottles were "married" which sounded a great deal more sexy than it was.  Whoever had the duty put one bottle neck - one on top of the other  then the counter tops got a scrubbing that in the future would foreshadow Covid 19 

One lovely summer day, I had a table of five; all males; One in a wheelchair.  Viet Nom I surmised. We  laughed and joked among ourselves.  A fun lunch and then the check came.  Out came the tab and while I'd never had any trouble with non-payers about it  I was a rookie. But none of that at that table! 

I was scanning it to make sure their adding was correct.  Not only wasn't it just fine but they each  had tipped me $20 cash  collectively $100. I reeled in schock as I looked at $100 cash monnney,  I'm would never do so before good sense too k over, I went running past Boots in his doorway screaming to the guys   "You paid too much! Wait! "That's 'way too much, holding out my money-filled palms."  The guys dusted a mist of sweat off of themselved , explained  that   


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