Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Oh, boy

Yesterday's column was as badly ' written  as I've written in some time.  Let's see if I can do a better job today,

How did I know they were H'mooners?  The first thing they  orderedwas a bottle of champagne ad They told me and then, unhappy  Honeymooners in Booth #1 sent back their filet mignons. 

On receiving the perfectly good steaks Chef goes mad and sends me back with the steaks and a scathing lecture on the fine art of butchering  .  At the daughty Mermaid  filet mignon is served with a fine ruff of fat around the darling little steak which of course is what put them off their food so to speak.  

This was not airy lacy fat not by a long by a long shot but Chef adamantly defended his choice of cut. It adds more flavor He came out to apologize to the customers and with a split of (cheap you may be sure)champagne they were thrilled at having met the fabled Chef (only well known in various rehabs)

They paid the tab, gave me a nice fat tip  "for getting that scary chef  away from us " we all went to our various  homes.  

Chef  took a breather - several shots of rum  that would render the average drinker  prone - on a bad night he thought he was in Nicaragua where  Rum    is       - the water of Nic

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