Sunday, April 24, 2022

Perhaps A Good Idea

To  share birthdays by halving  the times between them.  Here is an example  using family. My younger  sister 's in a suburb near Chicago.   You know where I am. Redondo Breach -  It makes sense to meet in t somewhere  middle somewhere agreeable to both. But where would we go?  We  almost simultaneously said  South Texas  where we have cousins we both love.  Meet in San Antinio.

But WHEN?  And I said "Split the difference

She's early November; I'm end of April so  `April to Nov is 8 months - July

When South Texas is roaringly hot.  No worries     - all of Texas is air conditioned

Now we can start this great plan with Sis this July. or not.  We both love to party...


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