Thursday, December 3, 2020

To Shoot or Not

Considering getting the Covid19 shot or --  not.   Here's a cautionary tale

Once upon a time- the days of the 50's and 60's to be exact, a young British woman came to her doctor with a plea for a sleeping potion.  This was her first pregnancy and she was having trouble sleeping.

"Oh," said the kindly old family doctor, "W can't have that.  I think I've I have got just the thing for you.  It's a new drug and it's a sedative.  Are you having morning sickness by any chance?"  She nodded.  The doctor began scribbling on a prescription pad for 30 Thalidomide tablets. 

Nine months, the woman delivered a hideously deformed baby boy.  Thalidomide had only had animal testing.  No British humans were tested at all.

Curious now about testing I visited the FDA site to see  the US Government protocols

PRIORITY - Tested for six to 10 months and released to the public

BREAKTHROUGH similar to Priority 


The patient is issued the drug immediately

If you  don't want any part of some slapped together  medicine, borrow a quote from Nancy Reagan and just say No.

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