Friday, December 25, 2020

The Virus Killed Christmas this Year - But We Can have Fun Anyhow With Boxing Day

 No, we are not going to slip into satin boxing shorts don a silken robe and go out in our various driveways and beat the shit out of each other.  I guess you could but  seems kind of anti - Christmas, no?

What is this acknowledged holiday in Great Britain?  

Once upon a time it was the day after Christmas when the masters packed boxes with  treats (think whole ham or big turkey), and small change were put in them and then given to the servant who presumably tore home at warp speed to start cooking and/or counting the money found there-in..

Even after extensive digging I never discovered why it's customary to wear pajamas to distribute gifts the day after real Christmas.  Just one of those Brit, Australian, New Zealand things.  It is, of course, a chance to go shopping.

Today merchants fling open their doors as early as 5 a,m,  Think of Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

 But I can't encourage you to go shopping in your jammies. Something about indecent exposure? 

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